Welcome to Holly House Veterinary Surgery, Knutsford

At Holly House Vets in Knutsford we have looked after local pets for over 30 years.

We have a dedicated team of vets and nurse who are committed to providing the highest levels of veterinary care and advice. From routine vaccinations to complex surgical procedures you can be assured that we have the skills, knowledge and equipment to be there for your pets every step of the way. And when you need a shoulder to cry on - we are here for that too.

We take a non invasive approach to veterinary care which means that whenever possible we will try to diagnose internal problems in your pet without having to operate and therefore reducing trauma for your pet. We are able to do this by using hospital standard digital ultrasound, a variety of endoscopes and state of the art digital x-ray technology.

We are able to take internal biopsies without cutting open your pet. Our principal vet Ian Hopkins holds a Certificate in Small Animal Medicine and also works at Oakwood Referrals performing endoscopy work for difficult cases sent to him from other vets. Ian is the only Knutsford Vet to be recognised as an Advanced practitioner by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons - and one of only 69 in the UK with this status for small animal medicine. 

We are a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Accredited Practice. To gain this accreditation we have demonstrated that we have achieved and maintained a high level of care and efficiency. We are subject to regular scheduled inspections by the Royal College and also to spot checks at any time. Not all vets in the area have managed to gain this accreditation. We are also a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Approved Veterinary Nurse training centre.

We provide our own out of hours service which means that if you call us out in an emergency it will be a vet from our group that sees your pet. Many other vets sub contract out of hour provision to other vets. We believe that it is important you have continuity of care and access to your pets history. We also have our own specialists that work at our 24 hour critical care hospital a short drive from Knutsford.

The Willows Veterinary Group are proud sponsors of the cheshire animal rehoming website: www.thecheshirepetcharitynetwork.co.uk

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